Manage a Step by Step Hamstring Rehabilitation program and help anybody get back on track minimizing the risk of recurrence...

This 120 page manual includes over 150 Exercises and 8 different programs including specifically designed Running, Agility, Stretching and Weight Programs to help any athlete get on the road to a safer and more sound recovery.

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(Reg. $39.99)

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Loris Bertolacci has lectured extensively throughout Australia on the practical and theoretical aspects of physical conditioning and has been involved in AFL football at the highest level over the past 20 years. He has devised a hamstring rehabilitation program that anyone can put into place and get their athletes back on track quickly and without the risk of reoccurance.

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This Hamstring Rehabilitation Manual is perfect for anyone dealing with hamstring injuries...

  • Strength and Conditioning Professionals
  • Fitness Coaches and Trainers
  • Physiotherapists and Rehabilitation Professionals
  • Team Coaches looking for answers
  • Athletes looking to break out of the injury rut

This Hamstring Rehabilitation Manual includes...

  • Easy to Follow, Step By Step Instructions
  • Comprehensive Tested Programs
  • Running, Agility, Stretching and Weight Programs
  • Easy to Understand Exercise Description and Pictures

If you are not convinced then check out the contents


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